Practice your interview skills without the pressure of a real interview.

Who are our services for:


Foreigners & Expats
in Prague


Czech professionals
seeking employment with an international Company


seeking their first job or career advice

Why us?
  • 20 years of international experience in recruitment
  • A strong track record of helping clients build careers
  • A friendly individual approach
  • Personal experience living and working abroad


  • Hidden requirements in job adverts
  • How to sharpen your CV
  • How to get job interviews
  • Unexpected interview questions
  • Cultural differences in a job search & beyond


What our clients say

Working with Katerina has been hugely beneficial for both us and our clients. Katerina offered to help us as a volunteer, using her experience in recruitment and career management. Our clients have highly praised the practical work she does with them to improve their interview skills, and increase their confidence when contacting potential employers. I personally have found her presentations on career advice to be extremely useful in my own counselling practice.

Hana Marková
META – Association for Opportunities for Young Migrants

I used Katerina’s career advice services when I was looking for a new job. A number of unsuccessful applications had damaged my self-confidence. Katerina’s calm and matter-of- fact approach enabled me to see my situation clearly and move on with renewed vigour. We discussed the skills and experience I had gained in previous jobs. We focused on specific situations where I had “shone” at work, by changing work flows to make them more simple. I realized how extensive my skills are, and learned how to communicate this. The mock job interview we did was fantastic.

Jana Hůlková
Project Manager at a Prague publisher

Katerina’s counselling showed me that you can always learn something new, and should not be frightened of changes – but should approach them carefully with thought and deliberation. Our mock interview was extremely useful and gave me new insight into my career development. I now have a professional curriculum vitae, and understand how to make it stand out from the crowd.

Táňa Lazarevičová
self-employed, entrepreneur